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RESEARCH Technology Management, Economics and Policy Program
Productivity and efficiency
  • Draws policy implications from analysis of productivity and efficiency among firms, industries, and countries
  • Derives policies to improve productivity and efficiency in medical, national defense, and public sectors
  • Main research fields: development of methodologies relating to systems, industrial policy, public policy
Innovation research
  • Research on diverse phenomena relating to the process of innovation, from knowledge generation to application
  • Study of policies concerning science and technology innovation systems as they relate to economic development based on innovation theory
  • Main research fields: innovation systems, formation of industry, public supply, innovation policies for developing countries
Dynamic industry analysis
  • Research on productivity indices, examining firms and industries from a dynamic perspective
  • Study of policies that affect overall industrial growth, enterprise decision factors, and competitive power and survival
  • Main research fields: research on business survival and productivity, research on the dynamics of manufacturing/services/venture industries, comparative dynamic analysis among developing countries
Next generation mobile communications policy research team
  • Studies regulations and policies on the management of telecommunication spectrum allocation
  • Studies policies for business related to future technologies, and activation strategies for mobile carriers
  • Main research fields: policies on telecommunication spectrum allocation, activation policies for the mobile telecommunications industry, fair competition
Converged industries direction prediction
  • Research on interactions between industries and regulation policy related to converging industries
  • Analysis of trends in the changing relationships between organizations in competitive isomorphism, based on organizational ecology, changes in competitive composition, and in relation to regulation policy and changes in industrial environment
  • Main research fields: regulation policy, industrial structure, service predication
Next generation Internet research team
  • Research on regulation and business strategy related to the Internet industry
  • Draws policy implications relating to the balanced development of the Internet service market by combining empirical data and model studies
  • Analysis of various economic/social effects of new technologies related to the Internet
  • Main research fields: standardization policy, communications broadcasting regulation and policy, webonomics
Research on innovation policy in ICT
  • Research on innovation theory, models and strategies in the context of ICT convergence
  • Analysis of users’ participation in innovation, and case-studies of the origins of various innovations
  • Main research fields: NIS, SIS, user-driven innovation, innovation policy
Industrial policies on content and software
  • Theoretical re-examination of the value of digital content and software highlighted as new drivers in future IT environments
  • Provides recommendations for policies designed to ensure the sustainable and stable distribution of content and the development of the software industry
  • Main research fields: digital content industry, software piracy, two-sided market
Converged industries research
  • Research on the medium- and long-term policy implications of convergence, through systematic theoretical study and empirical analysis of converged industries
  • Main research fields: communication broadcasting services (cable TV, IPTV, VoIP), communication services, broadcast service-related fair trade regulation policy, media services price policy
Demand forecasting for new products and marketing
  • Research on consumer preferences, demand forecasting, and market strategy regarding high-tech products
  • Research on new product development strategy and marketing for successful market diffusion of new products
  • Main research fields: demand forecasting for new products, analysis of consumer preferences, high-tech marketing
Innovation strategy
  • Research on corporate strategies for innovation
  • Research on technology management and innovation in rapidly changing environments
  • Development of methodologies for productivity improvement strategies and productivity estimation
  • Research on the implementation of corporate strategies across various industries
  • Main research fields: business strategy, corporate strategy, technology innovation, management of technology, innovation, fast-moving environment, creative industries, productivity, value-added
Knowledge and network theory
  • Research on company results focusing on characteristics of knowledge and on cooperation networks
  • Research on the application of network theory and methodology
  • Research on the results of technological alliances focusing on institutions’ ability to assimilate knowledge
  • Main research fields: technological innovation, network theory, alliance strategy, strategic alliance, technology alliance, absorptive capacity, networks of companies
Technical commercialization
  • Research on corporate strategy related to technology acquisition, patenting, and technology transfer
  • Research on public policy and systems related to technical commercialization, such as the activation of technical commercialization, transfer of public knowledge, and intellectual property rights
  • Main research fields: technology transfer, technology financing, intellectual property rights
Energy and environment
  • Research on corporate strategy relating to environmental management, the Climatic Change Convention, high oil prices, and the new age of the environment
  • Research on national energy environmental strategies for sustainable economic development
  • Main research fields: energy environmental management, energy environmental policy
Biomedical technology management
  • Research on econometric decision methodologies for technology management, especially for biomedical technologies
  • Research on medical services expenses and the evaluation of new medical services payment technologies
  • Research on process optimization for the effective operation of medical services delivery systems
  • Main research fields: technology management of pharmaceutical and medical device industries, medical finance and evaluation of biomedical technology, econometric decision methodologies