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Go beyond the boundaries
TEMEP, Seoul National UniversityTEMEP Technology Management, Economics and Policy Program

Welcome to the Technology Management, Economics, and Policy Program of Seoul National University. The world is rapidly changing, with complex new systems being created by industry, and with the corresponding development and expansion of new academic areas. More than ever before, new kinds of knowledge and creativity are required to cope successfully in this dynamic world. This is why TEMEP is seeking to push the boundaries of our knowledge and experience. By referring to the idea of ‘pushing boundaries,’ I want to signal my aspiration that all members of the TEMEP program extend their ideas beyond existing frameworks, that they reach out and learn across fields, and that they accomplish goals beyond their current limitations.

The hallmark of TEMEP alumni is that their competitive edge and academic passion make them ready to become key players in society. TEMEP was launched in 1996, and, since then, I know that our program has provided invaluable opportunities for students to grow and to achieve successful futures.

TEMEP is determined to foster professional manpower with expertise in both technology and management. By building a rigorous and systematic program that focuses on diverse research activities, we are committed to becoming a globally recognized education hub for the twenty-first century.

Environmental changes such as the recent 4th Industrial Revolution, the emergence of intelligent technology, and the current COVID crisis show the need for continuous innovation in technology, culture, institutions, and policies in the mid- to long-term. TEMEP was leading establishment of 'Smart City Global Convergence Major' and the major is being operated since the first semester of 2020. We are also making efforts to deepen research on emerging technologies such as IT transformation, big data, intelligent system (AI), new energy, BT, etc.

I invite you to join us at TEMEP, to go beyond your limitation, and to be a part of TEMEP heritage.

Dean of Technology Management, Economics and Policy Program
Professor Jeong-Dong Lee


The Technology Management, Economics, and Policy Graduate Program (TEMEP operates alongside the future-oriented International Energy Policy Program (IEPP, and the International IT Policy Program (ITTP, which selects and trains public servants to work overseas. Across these three programs—TEMEP, IEPP, and ITTP—we show our determination to foster highly talented individuals.