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Application for Fall 2019 Advising Professor Registration/Change

2019-06-11l Hit 3575

◎ Who : Those who do not have assigned advising professor and/or want to change the advising professor (or want to register for co-advisor) and have enrolled for more than two semesters (as of Fall 2019).

Ph.D students who graduated from TEMEP master's program and want to change your advisor, please submit the form.
If you want to maintain your advisor, please submit a document (no specific form), stating so, your signature included, to the administration office

◎ How to

1. Application for New Advisor (Those who do not have an advisor and have enrolled for at least a semester)

A) Check the profile and the webpage of the professor who is of your interest.

B) Set-up meetings with the professors (Be sure to contact them and check their schedule for the interview by email or phone in advance)

You should conduct interviews with at least three professors and must receive signatures on the Confirmation of Interview form)

C) Among the professors that you've conducted interviews with, rank your preferred advisory professor from 1~3 on the given form.

D) Submit forms to the administration office(37-312)


2. Change of the Advisor (Including those who are to pursue Ph.D program after graduating from TEMEP master's program)

A) If you are going to change your advisor, you do not need to meet up with three professors, rather, a single interview with the advisor that you want to change to.

B) Refer to the advisor change form and confirm the professor's willingness to advise you.

CSubmit forms to the administration office(37-312)


3. Interview Period : 2019.6.17.(Mon) ~6.27.(Thu)

* Interview with Professor Koo need to be scheduled through TA Yoonha Lee ( 

* Interview with Professor Jina Kang need to be scheduled through TA DongWoo Lee ( 

* Interview with Professor Yeonbae Kim should be arranged. (

* Interview with Professor Ha Young Park should be arranged. (  

* Interview with Professor Jeong Dong Lee should be arranged through TA Wonsup Eum (

* Interview with Professor Jongsu Lee should be arranged. ( 

* Interview with Professor Jun Seok Hwang should be arranged through TA Junmin Lee ( (19th is the only available date.)

* Interview schedule for Professor Heo is exhibited in front of Professor Heo's room (39-314). (Refer to the schedule and make the appointment.) 

* Interview with Professor Altmann  should be arranged. ( (11th~14th are the only available dates for the meeting.) (After 17th, the interview is available only through the Skype(jornaltmann).)



4. Due date of the submission for the application and interviews After the Interview ~ 2019.6.28.(Friday)

5. Results : In July via email.

 * If this is your first application, you can only submit the professors (rank 1~3) that you've interviewed as your preferred advisor.

(Signiture is a must :'Confirmation of interview/counseling form')


* You can find the email address of the professors at TEMEP webpage

* If you've enrolled for at least two semesters (as of Fall 2019), you MUST submit the application form.

* Please note that there may be disadvantages if you do not follow the application process without proper reasons.