2024 Academic Year Shinyang Cultural Foundation Foreign Scholarship Student Selection Guide (2024학년도 신양문화재단 외국인 장학생 선발 안내)

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Shinyang Cultural Foundation is selecting foreign scholarship students for the 2024 academic year as follows.

  1. Eligibility:
    - Undergraduate, master's, or doctoral students currently enrolled in our university (including 2024 academic year, excluding new students in the spring semester, students who have exceeded their expected graduation period can apply)
    - Note: Students receiving other scholarships with full tuition exemption are not eligible
    - Students must have a cumulative GPA of 3.0/4.3 or above and have at least two semesters remaining
    - Must be a foreign national
  2. Scholarship Details: 
    - Full tuition for one year. Continuation of the scholarship will be determined through a performance review at the end of the semester
  3. Application Method:
    - Students must submit the required documents through an official document to the Student Administration Office by January 22, 2024.
  4. Required Documents and Other Important Notes:
    - Refer to the attached Selection Plan for details (Attachment 1)
  5. Attachments:
    - 2024 Shinyang Cultural Foundation Foreign Scholarship Student Selection Plan (Attachment 1)
    - Forms for submission (Attachment 2)

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